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Savannah Bluegrass Festival:

42nd Annual Bluegrass Festival in Savannah:

The Savannah Bluegrass Festival is set for September 26th in downtown Savannah, Tennessee. It's the 42nd Annual Bluegrass Festival starting at 11 am that Saturday morning and will feature some of the best bluegrass bands from Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Starting the morning off will be Southern Sounds, the Holt Family then at noon it's the Fiddler's Roll Call. That afternoon will feature Courthouse Pickers, John Few & Providence Road, Sparks Family, 7 Mile Creek, Jeff Long & The Last Oletime String Band, Southern Strangers, 2 Mississippi – Lisa & Scott, Hatchie Bottom Boys, Wayne Jerrolds & Savannah Grass, Buck Dancing Contest starts at 5:30 pm and to cap off the night it'll be Billy Wagoner & Red Rooster Band and Scottie Baugus & Boone Creek. For more information contact Wayne Jerrolds at 731-925-2161 or 1-800-552-3866 or go to tourhardincounty.org.

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